The East Coast server is expensive to run and any donations towards running costs are appreciated.
The goal of donations is to pay hosting bills and maintain the gamemode.

Donator Status

You get 15 days of donator status per 4.99€ donated. The expiry date is set from the activation date. Whenever you login, you will be notified of the expiry date and can donate again anytime to get the date extended.

The player who gives 19.99€ or more for the same period (15 days) will obtain a gift.


By donating you accept the following terms.

• You must donate at least 4.99€ to get donator status.
• Donating does not exempt you from any server rule or ban.
• We are under no obligation to offer any kind of service or special treatment for a donation.
• Lost time due to server downtime or a ban will not be returned.
• Donations will not be refunded under any circumstances after donator status has been activated.
• If a donation is marked as fraudulent or withdrawn you will be permanently banned from the server.
• Donator status cannot be transferred between players once activated.
• You may donate for other players, but this is done at your own risk.

Donate Using PayPal

• You require a PayPal account or credit card. PayPal processes the payment.
• PayPal offers currency conversion to Euro.
• Donator status will usually be activated within 48 hours but may be delayed if you forget to enter a username or there are payment processing issues.
• Contact Kennzo via email or on Discord if there are any problems.
If you have read, understood and agree to the terms, enter the username you want to get donator status in the box below and the amount that you want donate and click the donate button.

Thank you.

Please choose a unique and valid username.